Under the company's 8K ecosystem strategy, the 8K Lab provides advanced R&D services for 8K technologies, while at the same time pioneering the commercialization of new 8K products and solutions in cooperation with our partners.
By applying the lab’s advanced 8K R&D expertise to a variety of systems, services and products we aim realize an 8K society that enriches both society and our personal lives.

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Technology Services

We will implement the 8K society by providing
"technology", "equipment" and "system solutions".

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    Technology Services

    We are building 8K solutions that contribute to a better society by leveraging our accumulated technical expertise which is such fields as "5G communication technology", "video encoding technology", "video analysis technology", "display technology" and "video delivery application technology".
    The Sharp 8K lab is looking forward to working with our partners to develop and deploy new products that provide significant value for both society and individuals.

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  • AI super-resolution technology

    Our 8K video encoding technology delivers full 8K quality (85Mbps),
    even if the data is transmitted at 30Mbps or less (equivalent to 4K).

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  • High definition image analysis

    Automatic detection of pipe breakage, cracking and deformation.
    The 8K camera is capable of detecting a 0.15mm crack
    in a ventilation pipe up 2m in diameter.

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  • Stereophonic sound

    The technology extracts specific acoustic elements from a two-channel signal,
    and reproduces in a manner that provides a wide range of realism,
    such that the need for rear speakers can be eliminated.

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    About SHARP 8K Lab

    SHARP 8K Lab is an organization that belongs to the Research and Development Group of Sharp Corporation.

    SHARP 8K Lab

    Norio Ito


    Masafumi Aramoto


    Tomohiko Yamamoto


    Shigeto Yoshida

    Senior Director

    Networking & New Radio Technologies

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    Senior Director

    Imaging Technologies

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    Senior Director

    Display Solutions

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    Life & Environment Solutions

    Tetsuya Okumura

    SHARP 8K Lab Founder

    研究開発事業本部 本部長

    Mototaka Taneya

    Project Owner

    研究開発事業本部 副本部長

    Masahiko Fujimoto